Songwriter Roger Hoover sounds like he strode out of 1920s Mississippi, ventured west through the Dust Bowl, and was transplanted into modern day Ohio.


Ohio songwriter and guitarist Roger Hoover's plaintive, original brand of arcane folk and blues seem to come from some unknown time and place. These are timeless laments and rambles of a guitarist and banjo player who grew up on a canal in a small, post-industrial Rust Belt town. With impassioned vocals and honest lyricism, Hoover sounds ike he strode out of 1920s Mississippi, through the Dust Bowl, and into the modern day craft brew barrelhouse with the fervor and fire of Charley Patton or folk icon Dave Van Ronk.

“His stories seem to come from some unknown, but very specific, time and place. His settings are a combination of words and music that evokes thought and action with the cinematic imagination of Tom Waits and Gillian Welch...Hoover crafts distinct songs with ‘lyrical complexity seldom attained by artists in any crowded musical genre.” - Arkansas Times

"He sounds as if he grew up in a backwoods Tennessee family that worshiped at a racially diverse gospel church." - Cleveland Scene

"Hoover’s stories make for tales as visually depictive as they are audibly wrenching." - St. Louis Gazette

“One of the finest roots records since Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker or Gillian Welch’s Time: The Revelator.” - Arkansas Times