Roger Hoover

Over the past 15 years, songwriter/guitarist Roger Hoover has been preaching the gospel of traditional American music to a growing group of devoted fans by keeping one foot in what Greil Marcus describes as the “old, weird America” and another foot firmly planted in the now. Hoover views himself as part of a continuing folk tradition, constantly recycling and revising music that has been honed by time and experience. For Hoover, folk music is both a vital heritage and a catalyst for human expression & social change.

“His stories seem to come from some unknown, but very specific, time and place. His settings are a combination of words and music that evokes thought and action with the cinematic imagination of Tom Waits and Gillian Welch...Hoover crafts distinct songs with ‘lyrical complexity seldom attained by artists in any crowded musical genre.” - Arkansas Times

"He sounds as if he grew up in a backwoods Tennessee family that worshiped at a racially diverse gospel church." - Cleveland Scene

"Hoover’s stories make for tales as visually depictive as they are audibly wrenching." - St. Louis Gazette

“One of the finest roots records since Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker or Gillian Welch’s Time: The Revelator.” - Oxford American

+ March 13, 2015 - Venice Cafe, Kent, Ohio - 8pm

+ March 28, 2015 - Venice Cafe, Kent, Ohio - 8pm

+ May 9, 2015 - Venice Cafe, Kent, Ohio - 8pm

+ June 6, 2015 - GAR Hall, Peninsula, Ohio - 7:30pm

+ July 18, 2015 - Lock 3, Akron, Ohio - 7pm

+ August 1, 2015 - Backyard Bash - Pennsylvania

+ August 22, 2015 - GAR Hall, Peninsula, Ohio - 7:30pm


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